June, 2017 (Pomona, CA) - To better position the AimPlex brand name, YSL Bioprocess Development Co. is now AimPlex Biosciences, Inc. The name change focuses the mission of the company to reflect the need for our customers to have customized multiplexed immunoassay panels to reflect the aim of their research needs.  The majority of researchers require multiplexing analytes specific to their area of study.  AimPlex Biosciences is uniquely qualified to offer those researches multiplexed analyte panels aimed and targeted to their study area of interest.

AimPlex Biosciences will continue to add analytes to our expanding list of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and other molecules, now totaling 387, to allow for use of novel markers to fulfill current research needs. The AimPlex platform permits researchers to batch up to 24 analytes in a single panel using only 15 microliters of sample providing cost and time savings compared to running each analyte separately. Analysis is performed using standard flow cytometers equipped with a blue and red laser and can be used with flow cytometers having a single blue laser.