Quantity 50: PN: EP1035

Quantity 250: PN: EP1035L

Application: The EZPrep® Cell Strainer, 35 micron, can be used to remove cell aggregates or particles that are larger than 35 µm in cell suspension preparations for conventional flow cytometry analysis.

Storage: Room temperature


  1. Place an EZPrep Cell Strainer in a 12x75mm test tube.

  2. If needed, seat the filter disc using the open end of a P1000 pipette tip.

  3. Add up to 2 mL of cell suspension.

  4. Cover the open end with gloved thumb to seal the strainer.

  5. Gently squeeze the strainer with your fingers to push the sample into the test tube.

  6. The flow-through fraction, with particles smaller than 35 µm, is ready for flow cytometry analysis.