PN: VM1001S

Application: The EZPrep Filter Plate Washer NX is designed to perform wash steps of AimPlex Bead-based Immunoassays while using the 96-well filter plate included in the Basic Kit.

Components: Washer, Tubing, ON/OFF Valve, 96-well Filter Plate.

Storage: Room Temperature

Installation: 1. Unpack the components and connect the supplied tubing to a 1- or 2-liter vacuum flask (not supplied) with the ON/OFF valve in between the Washer and vacuum flask. 2. For proper vacuum pressure adjustment, place the filter plate filled with 100 μL of ddH2O in each well on top of the Washer. 3. Open the On/Off valve to the ON position. 4. Press evenly on all four corners of the filter plate to form a tight seal. 5. Turn the vacuum ON then turn the vacuum OFF as soon as the liquid in the wells starts to go down. It should take 3-5 seconds to empty 100 μL of ddH2O from the wells with the remaining vacuum in the system after it is turned OFF. Vacuum pressure should be adjusted accordingly. Repeat Steps 2-5 as necessary for proper adjustments. 6. Remove the plate.

Note: Connecting to an overflow flask and an in-line High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to protect the vacuum system is recommended. An economy vacuum pump (e.g. Barnant Model 400-1901; Wikita Model ZK-26 - Oil free diaphragm type vacuum pump pressure 0~0.08mpa, 1000ml; or equivalent) is recommended.

Important: Sodium azide forms explosive compounds with heavy metals. Many of the AimPlex assay reagents including the Wash Buffer contain <0.05% (w/w) azide which with repeated contact with lead and copper commonly found in plumbing drains may result in the buildup of shock sensitive compounds. Dispose waste in accordance with regulations from your institute.

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.