PN: A411065


45x Ab-conjugated beads (S4P3 - NHP IL-5 Ab-bead). PN: A411065A. One vial containing 100 µL of anti-NHP IL-5 conjugated to AimPlex Bead S4P3.

25x Biotin-detection Ab (NHP IL-5 Biotin-dAb). PN: A411065B. One vial containing 100 µL of biotinylated anti-NHP IL-5.

Lyophilized Standard - NHP IL-5. PN: A411065S. One vial containing lyophilized recombinant IL-5.

STORAGE:  2-8 C in the dark.

IMPORTANT: Sodium azide forms explosive compounds with heavy metals. These products contain <0.05% (w/w) azide which with repeated contact with lead and copper commonly found in plumbing drains may result in the buildup of shock sensitive compounds. Dispose in accordance with regulations from your institute.

APPLICATION: Optimal antibody pair and antigen standard for assaying NHP IL-5. To be used in conjunction with the AimPlex NR Basic Kit (PN: P100001) and a diluent kit. Refer to the AimPlex Multiplex Immunoassay User Manual and kit inserts for the assay procedure.

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Assay Specifications:

Sample types: Cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma, bodily fluid and tissue/cell lysate

Sensitivity (LOD): < 5 pg/mL

Quantitation range:

LLOQ: < 10 pg/mL

ULOQ: > 5,000 pg/mL

Standard dose recovery: 70-130%

Intra-assay CV: < 10%

Inter-assay CV: < 20%

Sample volume: 15 µL/test


Interleukin 5 or IL-5 is an interleukin produced by T helper-2 cells and mast cells. Through binding to the IL-5 receptor, IL-5 stimulates B cell growth and increases immunoglobulin secretion. It is also a key mediator in eosinophil activation. Interleukin-5 has long been associated with the cause of several allergic diseases including allergic rhinitis and asthma, wherein a large increase in the number of circulating, airway tissue, and induced sputum eosinophils have been observed.  Given the high concordance of eosinophils and, in particular, allergic asthma pathology, it has been widely speculated that eosinophils have an important role in the pathology of this disease.


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